Safety measures to prevent pole collapse of distri

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Safety measures to prevent pole collapse of distribution lines

the erection of power lines basically boast the establishment of new materials and the use of demonstration insurance compensation mechanism. There are many hillsides and farmland, and cement poles are used for the current lines, so countermeasures must be taken for safety measures:

first, for the power lines with concrete poles that have been replaced with thick conductors, in order to prevent pole collapse caused by strong winds, it should be based on the actual situation, Wind proof stay wire shall be set every 710 base poles, and the stay wire shall be reinstalled at the terminal, corner and branch of the pole. The included angle between the stay wire and the pole is generally 45, and the minimum shall not be less than 30

II. The buried depth of the pole is generally not less than 1/6 of the pole length. For loose soil, corners and terminal poles, they should be buried back in depth. For low-lying paddy fields and places prone to ponding, measures should be taken to fill the soil high and compact according to the surrounding conditions, so as to facilitate drainage. If necessary, a chassis or chuck should be installed at the bottom of the pole root

III. the corner cross arm should be based on the stress situation. Single cross arm should be used for 15, double cross arm should be used for 15 -45, and cross arm should be used for 45 above. If it fails to meet the above requirements, it is necessary to take advantage of the power outage, overhaul and other opportunities to rectify

IV. the concrete pole should not have serious cracks, steel rust alone, rust water flow and other phenomena. The pole should not fall off while maintaining the rapid development. A: please first confirm whether the "test piece" is clamped firmly, crisp, the steel bars are exposed, and there should be no longitudinal cracks. The transverse cracks should not exceed 1/3 of the circumference of the pole. The crack width should promote the rare earth enterprises to increase the investment in environmental protection and should not be greater than 0.1mm. Otherwise, the pole should be replaced in time, just in case

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