Safety of the hottest carbon dioxide gas shielded

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Safe operation technology of carbon dioxide gas shielded welding and flux cored wire arc welding

in addition to complying with the relevant provisions of electrode arc welding and gas shielded welding, the following points should also be paid attention to:

(1) during carbon dioxide gas shielded welding, the arc temperature is about 6000 ~ 10000 ℃, and the arc light radiation is stronger than manual arc welding, so protection should be strengthened

(2) during carbon dioxide gas shielded welding, there is more splash, especially thick wire welding (diameter greater than 1.6mm), which produces large particle splash. Welders should have perfect protective equipment to prevent human burns

(3) carbon dioxide gas will decompose under the high temperature of welding arc to produce carbon monoxide gas harmful to human body, and other harmful gases and smoke will be discharged during welding. Especially when welding in the container, ventilation should be strengthened, and a special mask that can supply fresh air should be used, and someone should be supervised outside the container

<"we can flexibly meet the needs of customers P> (4) the voltage used by the carbon dioxide gas preheater should not be higher than 36V, and the shell should be reliably grounded. When the work is finished, cut off the power and gas source immediately.

(5) The full pressure of the cylinder containing liquid carbon dioxide is about 0.5 ~ 0.7MPa, but when it is subjected to an external heat source, the liquid can quickly evaporate into gas, making the bottle 3. The heat setting of melamine plastic tableware can be achieved only when the temperature is close to the melting point of the polymer and the tensile relaxation ratio is 0.95:l (usually 6S at 260 ℃). It should be inspected that its appearance is smooth and intact, and the internal pressure increases. The greater the heat, the greater the pressure increase. In this way, there is a risk of explosion. Pay attention to the risk of turning off the source of the main motor. Therefore, cylinders containing carbon dioxide should not be close to the heat source. At the same time, safety measures such as high temperature prevention shall be taken to avoid cylinder explosion accidents. Therefore, carbon dioxide cylinders must comply with the regulations of "cylinder safety supervision regulations"

(6) during high current thick wire carbon dioxide gas shielded welding, prevent the water cooling system of the welding gun from leaking and damaging the insulation, and add protective baffle in front of the welding handle to avoid electric shock accidents

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